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22: Life After Leaving

[Indep. Film/TV/Theatre Actress, Film Fanatic, Animal Lover, Music Lover, Writer of Stories, Chronic Daydreamer, Misfit Adventurer, and Sarcasm Extraordinaire.]

I gave up everything to help my family- my savings, a 2,000 mile move away from home, my final year of drama school, and a film dream that seemed so close to being real. This past year has been pretty shitty for me, but I think I'm beginning to realize the beauty of how life moves on. I don't know when I'll be able to start again, but my dream is still there, as it has been for the past 20 years. I now know that my time in limbo has done nothing but help me see this world in a more beautiful and unfiltered way. And I now know that that's the reason I gave everything up... because following a dream without seeing what it's really worth to you, is worth nothing at all.

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What makes a hero seem so wonderful is that we look at them as if they are indestructible. However what really makes them who they are, is the fact that they are not indestructible; that they are fragile human beings, and that we ourselves have the capability of becoming exactly who they are. 

There are those of us out there, myself included, with unfortunate experiences of death that we’ve never really recovered from. Many of us look at death as a complete ending to a story, but it is, in fact, our heroes that tell us otherwise. It’s those who tell us that a single life can be lived and loved through the hearts of many, that we have the chance to change our lives at any moment in time, and that death will never be an ending, but rather “an awfully big adventure”.

We will continue to lose people throughout our lives, but what really matters is how we are changed, and how we are able to change the people around us. What is it that makes us think people are so indestructible? Is it their laugh? Their sense of humor? Their personality? What do they give us?

What it really boils down to is what will you leave behind? Mr Williams, you have left us with so much, and we thank you for it. Enjoy your rest sir, you deserve it.